Blue September 2018

Posted on 07/09/2018

Blue September kicked off on the1st September. It is run by the Prostate Cancer Society to raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their life and it is the most common cancer in men in NZ.

Since prostate cancer has effected some directly and indirectly here at TUMU, and because a large number of our customers are men we thought it would be a good idea to support the cause. All 6 ITM stores jumped on board which was awesome!

On the 7th September, from 7am, all 6 ITMs (as well as other members of the TUMU Group) dressed up in blue and held BBQs and raffles to raise money for the cause. TUMU ITM Masterton went even further and had staff shave their heads!

Each store took their blue photos - if you want to see them all head over to their individual Facebook pages:

Don't forget Blue September runs for the whole of September so feel free to get involved yourself! You can find out more and even donate to the cause on their website!

 (Pictured: The TUMU Hastings team)