Farewell TUMU Tom

Posted on 03/07/2018

Tom Bridson has been a huge part of TUMU for many years now…35 in fact! In the month of May he celebrated his 35 years at TUMU with a pretty impressive morning tea at the Hastings ITM branch.

At the end of June Tom also said goodbye to the Hastings Branch, as after his 35 years he felt it was time to retire. So many staff and customers alike were  sad to see him go, but he didn't leave without a decent send-off!







Here are some words from ‘The Phantom’ to mark the end of an era!


35 years ago, ever so sprightly,

In walked Tom Bridson, ever so lightly.

There’s only one here, who remembers that day,

When TUMU Tom had his first words to say.


Suffice to say he has never been shy,

Or ever be one to let a chance go by.

If it needs to be said then, it’s fair to say,

TUMU Tom won’t let you wait all day.


Sharp of tongue and quick of wit,

He’s never taken anyone’s s**t.

He could bet you would hear it nice and straight,

Especially if your name was Paul Bloody Waite.


In times gone by he was the auction man,

They would load up the ute and the old tin van.

And off to Gizzy to sell the gear,

There was timber and posts, not to forget the carton of beer.


In times gone by Tom was hooker you see,

Bow legged and rugged and tackle could he.

He played in the red of Poverty Bay

He was pretty damned good, back in the day.


Over the years he clashed with a few,

And it didn’t matter if you were old or new.

He sorted you out and made his point,

I’m the bugger that runs this joint.


We’ll miss him and curse him and wish he was here,

You can keep him now Div, we’ve had our share.

But he is going and heading right out the gate,

He has been to all a bloody good mate.