Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training

Posted on 07/08/2019

Looking after your mates and being there for them...knowing the signs. General awareness training sessions to be held 21st August 2019.  


General Awareness Training (GAT) 1 hour sessions running all day.


Morning Sessions


Afternoon Sessions


Connector Training 8-11am  (optional)


 (BBQ breakfast from 7.30am)



WHERE:   Ellwood Function Centre              

Otene Road


For more information and to book you and your team
RSVP by 14th August to: Bronnie Coory Tumu ITM
Ph: 06 8726205




“Mates helping Mates”

Mates in Construction is a programme adopted by a workplace which becomes a sustained part of workplace health and safety culture.


  • The clear majority (60%) of suicides in NZ occur in men of working age (17-70 years) 
  • Men in trades, construction, manufacturing, fisheries, forestry and farming have higher rates of suicide than men in other occupations.



To address high suicide rates in NZ men, especially the high rates of suicide in workers in construction, trades, manufacturing, forestry, fisheries & rural industries & communities.


The Mates in Construction programme does this by:-

  • Making it easier for workmates to ask workmates if they’re OK
  • Making it easier to get help for a friend or workmate who needs help
  • Connecting people to the appropriate help



General Awareness Training GAT (for everyone) – 1 hour session held on Wednesday 21st August


  • Suicide is a difficult issue. This hour-long session gives information about suicide and

suicide prevention, dispels myths about suicide, and emphasises the importance of intervening  early with someone you might be worried about. 


  • The programme equips staff with the skills and confidence to be able to recognise colleagues and friends who might be stressed, overwhelmed, depressed or at risk of suicide. 


Connector Training (optional) – 3 hour session held on Thursday 22nd August


  • For those staff who have completed the GAT training and want to equip themselves with  the skills and confidence to be able to talk to colleagues and friends who might be stressed, overwhelmed, depressed or at risk of suicide, keep them safe and then connect them to appropriate help.
  • The Connector training isn’t for everyone but it's important to have at least one Connector  in your business, depending on the number of staff. 

Targeted at leaders in your business – Owners/Managers/Site Foremen.


  • The decision to attend the Connector training is made after attending the initial GAT training.  You and your staff attend the GAT session, then decide who should attend the Connector training the next day.